wind turbines

Last week we spent two periods building and experimenting with the wind turbines. Students all seemed to have fun, first day was breezy and we tried it outside. Second day I brought in a fan, but the fan didn’t really work that well since we couldn’t get it to face one direction. Students filled out the sheet to keep track of the variables and record each reading. This week we will go more into depth on wind turbines, and connect them to the solar panels to see how much more energy they can provide.

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Bio info

Who is this EJ? I’ve been teaching at Laupahoehoe for 5 years, first as a business teacher, then with the cut backs a few years ago, I was assigned to NR and IET. This is my second year in this line, and of course, the second year flows a lot smoother. I am excited about incorporating Hawaii energy issues into my classes, and now hope to influence the students to think about their careers more in GREEN terms, rather than, when I ask what are you thinking of doing when you graduate, I’ll hear something besides be a carpenter.

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Earth Day at Laupahoehoe

On Thursday two of my high school Ag students will be tour guides for the elementary (grades 1-5) students. They’ll have a tour of the garden and fish ponds, learn what organic gardening is, and then eat some cucumbers and carrots, maybe zucchini bread if the high schoolers don’t eat it all. All grown at the Laupahoehoe garden!!

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Hello world!

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